(Town Planning with the user-participation)

Machizukuri (Town Planning with the user-participation) is important activity for sustainable environment . I are supporting the citizen activities as a registered consultant of a local government, Minato-ku.


2021.10-  Town Planning for Preservation of Old City of Cairo / Residents’ Workshop

2017.10-  Reconstruction and Community Development Training in Minato Ward

2017.01-  Roppongi San-Cho-me East area Machizukuri

2015.08-  Machizukuri of the Sengakugi-temple and the surrounding area.

2013.09-  Machizukuri of Shiba 1chome area.

2011.05-  Registered Machizukuri group of Akasaka Street.
2003.12-  A future plan of Ikuta-green park
1999.05-  Design Competition of Hachioji Minamino City Residential Town


Support of Reconstruction from disaster

East Japan great earthquake disaster in 2011 gave a big damage that people has never been experienced before. I strongly had a mind to support the damaged area using my architectural specialty.  I did support some areas, such as Toyoma area of Iwaki, Kesennuma area and Ishinomaki area as one of OB members of Tokyo Metropolitan University.