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This area is the most progressive in the activities about the Machizukuri in Minato-ku. I am supporting the area from 2017. Sumitomo development Ltd. is now acting the intervention to the area. I have recommended the user-participation process in the intervention. We did some workshops with the developer and the citizen in the area. The workshops are including, my lecture, a collage workshop and a design workshop. The citizen could understand the geographic and the regulation aspects in the area through the workshops. The next stage will be how the own Machizukuri role can check the practical design in the development.



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2018.08    まちづくりNEWS第22号
2018.05.20  第二回まちづくり研究会
2018.04    まちづくりNEWS第21号
2018.02.17  第1回まちづくり研究会・コラージュ大会
2017.07.30  まちづくり合同セミナー・ゾーニング
2017.07    まちづくりNEWS第20号
2017.05.20  まちづくり合同セミナー・デザインゲーム

2017.03.12  まちづくり合同セミナー・コラージュ大会

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