This project was commissioned by the Japan Center for Appropriate Assistance for Building and Urban Development (JCAABE) after being invited by Naoko Fukami, Director of the JSPS Cairo Research Liaison Center, and adopted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. It was conducted in cooperation between Egypt and Japan. Due to the corona infection problem, it was not able to visit the site and was conducted as an online workshop and training session, but new online support and collaboration methods were also explored.

In the process of urban planning for preservation, it is important for residents to understand the value of the area and to participate in building their own city. This time, based on the previous activities in Cairo, along with a detailed survey of the current status of buildings in the Old City of Cairo, a training session was held on the implementation of workshops with resident participation and expert facilitation methods promoted by JCAABE, as well as introduction of Japanese case studies.

The features of this project include:

  1. A renewal plan for an area in the Old City of Cairo, namely Souq al-Silah Street and six historical buildings, including the preservation of their use, was developed after a residents’ workshop facilitated by an Egyptian architect (expert).
  2. Information was shared from the Japanese side through an online lecture to Egyptian administrative NOUH officials. 
  3. The design review was able to be conducted by the Egyptian architects, who made a presentation of the updated proposal to government officials and residents, and exchanged opinions with Japanese experts who were connected with the residents online.

In architecture and urban development, it is said that consultation and coordination are important to incorporate qualitative perspectives such as quality and beauty. This experience will be useful in Japan as well as in the future for local residents’ participation in conservation town planning activities. We will continue to follow up and hope to provide support in some way.

(JCAABE Representative Director: Takeo Muraji)

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