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2013.11~Hashikami area of city, Kesennuma

I started to support the area by asking from Professor, Ichiko.  In the area a group who want to move to safe area from dangerous area by themselves. We organized some workshops, such as a workshop to look for proper area, a workshop to arrange houses, a workshop to make a common space. One of the members requested me to design his house because I got a trust from him through the workshops.


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Support re-construction of housing in town, Suginoshita area of Kesennuma

2014.07  杉の下近辺にもどる会ニュース Vol.16
2014.04  杉の下近辺にもどる会ニュース Vol.15
2014.03  杉の下近辺にもどる会ニュース Vol.14
Group movement for the prevention of disaster in Nagasaka area
2014.08  長磯浜防集事業住まい再建勉強会第2回の成果
2014.07  長磯浜防集事業住まい再建勉強会第1回の成果

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