Archive List for Registered Machizukuri group of Akasaka Street

I am supporting the area as a registered Machizukuri consultant of Minato-ku. We did several workshops including my lecture, a walking workshop, a collage workshop and a design workshop. Through the process, the people could set up a good image as a branding of AKASAKA. They made an original AKASAKA umbrella. It was so successful .

The group is now selling the umbrella and the T-shirts with the new mark of AKASAKA.


(sorry Japanese page only)

2014.11.15  ビジョン説明会・まち歩きWS
2014.05       我がまちルール10箇条の制定
2013.11.23  赤坂新町エリア・タカラとアラを考える
2013.08.08  ビジョン説明会とまち歩きWS
2013.04.13  旧日大三高通りのリニューアル・一方通行ご賛同願い
2013.02.09  「代官山にみる協議・調整型のまちづくり」講演会
2012.07.14  落書き消し事業WS
2012.04.22  芝桜植栽活動
2011.11     赤坂通りまちづくりビジョンへのご賛同のお願い
2011.10.22  街づくりビジョン説明会/旧日大三高通で具体的にデザインを考えるW

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