I have been involved in community development training (workshops) in Minato Ward as an expert since 2018. Programs vary from region to region, but the basic flow is as follows.

  1. Under the theme of “Imagine a Disaster and Consider Recovery Training,” we will share what they imagine happens when a disaster strikes and the subsequent recovery process.
  2. Under the theme of “Imagine Disaster Damage and Think about Reconstruction Issues,” we will actually walk around the city and think about places that would be dangerous in the case of a disaster, as well as places and resources that would be useful in reconstruction.
  3. Under the theme of “Let’s think about important initiatives in post-disaster towns,” we will consider what to prepare for and what to do in the recovery process, taking into account the characteristics of the region.
  4. Under the theme of “Thinking about usual community and regional development,” we will consider the methods and processes as concrete actions to be prepared and to be done.

These are also referred to as “advance recovery community planning,” and are meant to simulate a disaster in advance, consider what is necessary and what preparations should be made, and apply them to everyday community planning activities.


【October 2017- Shirokane 5 and 6-Cho-me District Disaster Recovery Community Development Training】

【August 2018- Shirokane 4-Cho-me area Disaster Recovery Community Development Training】

【November 2019- Shibaura and Konan area Disaster Recovery Community Development Training】

September 2020- Azabu area Disaster Recovery Community Development Training

November 2021- Aoyama area Earthquake Recovery Town Planning Workshop